Who are we?

Vyridis is a company headquartered at the lake of Zurich in Switzerland. Founded in 2001, the initial scope of activities was mainly restricted to conferencing but expanded progressively towards technical and scientific services, responding to the needs of the industry for tailor made support from experts in particular areas of their value chain.

The dynamic created around these activities has progressively attracted scientists, engineers, managers and business people all around the world into an unique network, which combined knowledge represents an exceptional asset for our customers.

In 2017, a refocus of Vyridis activities to technology development and product innovation has been triggered by opportunities of building partnerships with a common objective,  providing the most suitable products and support to help the industry make the best use of the available technologies to meet the requirements for a sustainable future.

The company has defined 3 streams of activities, each respectively related to life science, material science and polymer science and is driving or contributing to research & development programs in those fields, in collaboration with technical institutes, universities and/or industrial partners. Stream leaders conduct or provide support to new product development, process optimization, application technologies, environmental and regulatory compliance as well as market evaluation.

Vyridis is serving a wide range of customers, from start-ups and SMEs to larger organizations, by supplying products and consultancies  in the relevant fields either directly or by drawing on the versatile collective knowledge and experience of its international network.