This services represent a quite comprehensive offering, from small synthesis of reference samples and piloting to toll production and outsourcing of chemicals


Services included into the portfolio

Tailor Made Small Scale Synthesis and Reference Materials

From milligram to kilogram scale, our expertise and services for custom synthesis of your small molecules includes:

  • Lead synthesis up to 20 kg or more
  • Synthesis of scaffolds and building blocks
  • Synthesis/Isolation of reference compounds

Product are guaranteed with high purity and delivered timely.

According to the customer molecule’s structure, our teams perform synthesis for patent coverage, early-phase studies, or to support in-house research group.

The synthetic route can be either provided by customer can be developed at our end, including novel solutions.

Outsourcing of Chemicals

  • Sourcing specialist for fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceuticals API
  • Proven track records in sourcing from China, India, Europe and the USA

Synthesis & Scale Up

From lab to commercial scale

  • Process research and development
  • Product safety and registration
  • Raw material sourcing


GMP and ISO 9001: 2008 by SQS certified

  • Audit by customer, inspection by Swissmedic, Japan accredited
  • Quality system based in ICH Q7 / EU GMP part II
  • CMC part preparation, CoS/CEP and DMF submission
  • Development and validation of analytical methods
  • Establishment of specification
  • Stability test studies


Health, Safety and Environment

  • Integrated HSE practices including risk assessment
  • Waste water treatment