The Service Offering of Vyridis

Vyridis is the Storefront of an international network of business people, experts, scientists, laboratories auditors with 15 to 30 years of technical, regulatory and business experience in SMEs as well as  in multinational companies across the industry. Their willingness to further support customers in challenging areas has been the key driver to setup this offering

Consultancy & Project Management

Laboratory Services & Sourcing

Regulatory Affairs

Process Safety Services

Environmental & Packaging

Audits & Training

process safety2

Senior staffs operating within Vyridis are helping customers design and manage scientific, technical or overall business projects, drawing on their significant experience of project management and business development in the industry. A particular focus in giving to international project management where both global and local resources are made available as appropriate.

Laboratory Services represent a very comprehensive analytical and testing services portfolio that are standard or tailor made to the industry we serve. All laboratories employ highly qualified staff and are equipped by the most recent analytical techniques. They are designed to address demands from R&D, Process Development and Marketing as well as QC needs of clients

The international registration process requires expertise in terms of quality and evaluation of the efficiency and the risk related to the products. Regulatory Experts write client’s files, ready for submission to supervisory authorities and adapted to client’s particular requirements as well as to the concerned type of product: pharmaceuticals, medical device, cosmetic, dietary supplement.

The scope of this range of services is to help customers in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries identify and process controls and safety requirements to minimize the hazards associated with powder handling and processing of chemicals. The services portfolio gives customer access to unique expertise in Europe, Asia and North America.

A compehensive range of environmental and occupational hygiene testing are proposed including on-line delivered result data. Focusing particularly on packaging and packaging waster management Vyridis is offering a range of services helping customer navigate within the global packaging management regulations, including Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

In order to guarantee the quality  of our client processes and their compliance with international regulations, we offer training and quality audits (ISO, GMP, FDA)in the different fields of Materials and Life Science and help establish or improve QMS across the client company organization.