Scientists and experts with long experience in the plastic industry, support clients across a large range of activities, from minor problem solving to major project development such as plastic recycling.

This offering includes numerous features ranging from Project Management, R&D support, process development to commercial products. It also includes additive formulation of e.g. new or recycled plastics, additive supply, production and supply of one-pack, compounds or masterbatches.

Understanding stabilization of plastics and its application to recycled materials 

A very tight global network of experts working together for more than 15 years are supporting the numerous companies in the plastic industry by providing high value consultancy services in numerous field such as:

  • Material selection (polymers, composites, metals, inorganics)
  • Material failure investigation – Interpretation – Proposal for solution or alternative option(s)
  • Quality control & out of specs production management
  • Brand protection – Counterfeit investigations
  • Colour matching (including metameric conditions)
  • Regulatory Compliance (see dedicated pages), especially for food, pharmaceutical applications

Services that are of particular value are consultancies related to polymer formulation that would include the base resins, additives such as antioxidants, light stabilizers, acid scavengers, antislip agent, nucleating agents, fillers, modifiers, pigments, etc

  • for agricultural applications
  • for packaging applications
  • for medical devices applications
  • for automotive applications
  • for consumer goods applications
  • for construction applications
  • others