Packaging, electronics and batteries are subject to design requirements in many jurisdictions, including source reduction, recycled content requirements, empty space limits, elimination of hazardous materials, and design for recyclability. Our teams work with in-house environmental, packaging, product development and procurement teams to develop procedures to ensure compliance with global regulations, while minimizing recovery fees.

Design Guidance and Specifications

We develop customized design protocols, guidelines, and reference documents for staff, and update them as regulations change.

Analysis of Packaging & Product Design

We evaluates existing and prototype packaging systems to assess the impact on fees and/or design compliance in relevant markets,

Optimizing Fee Reporting

We apply our knowledge of the EPR rules in each country to improve the accuracy of reports, minimize fee impact.

Labeling Requirements

We track the various layers of labeling requirements and distills them into detailed, clear instructions for customer designers. We are also reviewing green labeling claims and providing assessments on current and pending claims.

Design for the Environment

We develops a Design for Environment (DfE) programs and provide guidance on certification of products under a “green labeling” scheme or partnerships with other organizations who focus on a specific attribute of a product.


We conduct presentations and workshops to educate and train clients‘ staff on domestic and international environmental packaging, electronic product and battery requirements.


Redipoint is a web-based solution that assists multinational companies in managing compliance with EPR reporting requirements worldwide by producing packaging, WEEE and battery fee reports for international third-party organizations and government agencies.