Vyridis offers a range of services to help companies anticipate and respond to the requirements of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs for packaging, electronic products, and batteries.

Experts help multinational companies address the increasingly complex compliance landscape as countries around the world implement different programmes taking into account a variety of marketplace drivers such as customer demands (e.g. environmental data, sustainability attributes, and labelling) which increase the requirement for brand owners.

Global Regulatory Tracking and Custom Research Services

  • Tracking of legislation and new requirements, tailored to a company’s product lines and markets.
  • Overview of the new rules in each jurisdiction
  • Customized research services for clients seeking individualized advice on packaging or product stewardship

Compliance Inventories and Action Plans

  • Assessment of client’s compliance with global environmental packaging and product regulations
  • Surveys of clients‘ international operations, sales affiliates, and dealers to address fee payment, labelling & design compliance and business efficiency issues
  • Reporting and recommendations.

Custom Development of Corporate Scorecard Metrics with regard to Sustainability

  • Setup of tracking and communication processes of progress towards sustainability goals through internal scorecards metrics arising from global standards and requirements, corporate performance targets and customer needs.
  • The development of scorecards includes the corresponding data management and integration of the results into the packaging and product development process.

Compliance throughout the Supply Chain

  • Brand owners and manufacturers rely on their suppliers to provide environmentally compliant packaging, products and components. Vyridis can assist in developing certification and due diligence programs to ensure that suppliers and OEMs are meeting their obligations.