The scope of this range of services is to help customers in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries determine the necessary safety requirements and process controls in order to minimize the hazards associated with powder handling and processing of chemicals.

The services portfolio gives customer access to unique expertise in Europe, Asia and North America. It includes audits and consultancies as well as safety & thermal process testing.


Powder Safety Testing and Consulting

  • Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE)
  • Dust Explosivity (LEL, pMax, Kst, LOC)
  • Minimum Auto-Ignition Temperature Of Dust Clouds (MAIT)
  • Burning Tests

Thermal Stability Testing and Consulting

  • Minimum Kinetic and Thermodynamic Reaction Data
  • Thermal Stability Data
  • Thermal Stability Indices and Maximum Rate Data
  • Flammability Limits of Gases and Vapors
  • Reaction Venting

Training / Educational Services Systems

  • Wide Variety of Topics (e.g. Electrostatics through Process Hazard Assessment)
  • Customized Training or Seminars

Accident Investigation

  • Testing and project management to support accident investigations

Consultation – Practices, Processes, Compliance & Management Systems

  • Compliance and hazards management auditing
  • Process Hazard Assessment  (Training and/or Project Facilitation)
  • Management of EH&S impacts due to manufacturing process changes (Action Tracking / Mgmt of Change Software)